Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Meet a Downtown Milford Business Owner

The EcoChic Boutique experience begins on the street. You are drawn in by a visually stimulating awning and window display, and once you step through the door you are immersed into a world of earth friendly living. Everything from the aroma of the products, to the merchandise displays and even the color of the paint on the walls is pleasing for the customer. “It’s not just recycling, it’s up cycling,” stated EcoChic Owner, Teri Carter.

As a wife and mother, Carter began using earth friendly practices and products at home but, noticed most of the products had to be ordered online. One night, Carter was struck with an idea to open a retail business which would give customers a chance to have a real experience with earth friendly products. Carter expressed, “I wanted customers to be able to feel and touch the products rather than just order everything online.”

“I love a challenge and was ready to just go with the idea,” Carter remarked, with that, a search for a retail space began. Being Milford residents, she and her husband knew they wanted to make Milford the home base for the store. “We came across a building in downtown Milford and I just loved the look of it. I knew immediately. It was as if the building spoke to me and four months later the store was open,” she stated.

Carter believes that a great benefit of being in downtown Milford is not just the foot traffic but, the other complimentary businesses within walking distance of her store. “A lot of my customers also tend to be individuals who enjoy coming downtown. For example, they spend their time at the Art League, Dolce, or the Georgia House,” Carter stated.

It has been less than a year since EcoChic opened its doors and Carter’s customers are just as excited as she is about the products. While in the store, one couldn’t help but to overhear a comment from a customer stating, “I can’t even get past this one corner in the store, everything is catching my eye. I only had 15 minutes to come in and shop. But, that is just not enough time!”

Once a EcoChic product photo is uploaded to Facebook, it is almost guaranteed to be bought up the next day. EcoChic sells everything from handbags, jewelry, children’s products, to skin creams and even make up. “I really wanted to take organic personal care to another level, I have an on-site Licensed Esthetician, Hillary Reid of Skin by Hillary, to show customers how they can use EcoChic’s products in their daily lives,” Carter remarked.

So what is next for EcoChic Boutique? Carter gave DMI the inside scoop EcoChic will soon be offering eco-clothing and shoes as well as launching an e-commerce section to their website!

EcoChic Boutique is located at 28 Walnut Street in downtown Milford. For more information, you can visit or call (302) 422-4580. For more information on “Skin by Hillary” you can click here or call (302) 228-7208.

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